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Ayurvedic Principles. Simple Cooking. Eat Together.


  • My goals for this workshop is to start with very basics of vegetarian cooking - spices, grains, different lentils, flours etc. Knowing how to cook and use these in our foods. 


  • Moving on to little complex dishes - Lentil soups, vegetables, and combination meals. We would learn some salads, sandwiches, and other easier dishes that they can make independently.

  • Apart from cooking, we will talk and discuss things about sourcing / buying / and growing food. Decisions to make while buying food from the grocery stores.

    Cooking with children offers many possibilities to exchange wisdom, share good times, develop healthy habits, and lay the foundation for a lifetime of wellness



PRICE : $50 (early registration) | $55 after October 19 (cooking supplies included)

Questions :

Email or Call to Resgister

$40 per person

804.502.0360 |

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