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The physical sound and vibration of the gong is powerful and soothing, invigorating and relaxing. We will start with a restorative yoga practice for first fifteen minutes leading to Shavasana (final relaxation pose), allowing the sounds to “wash” over you as Kenny takes you on a deep inward journey. He creates a beautiful interwoven tapestry of sound and rhythm that allows you to relax into new found areas of your own awareness.


Sound meditation is a type of meditation that is used to quiet the mind & body using instruments like gongs, Tibetan bowls, chimes, rattles etc. It's important to note that this style of meditation is not associated with any religion or belief system. Sound has a profound effect on our nervous system. Whether we are hearing horns honking or our favorite piece of music it affects us on a molecular level - accessing memory, our emotions and things like flight or fight response. Most importantly sounds that are multi layred like those produced by gongs, crystal singing bowls has a way of turning off the mind off. By quieting the mind this is how we can access our creativity and problem solving skills ... or by quieting the mind we can access our hearts more easily. 


For this special event Kenny will be playing gongs from China and Himalayan singing bowls from Nepal and India as well as other intruments like drums rattles and chimes. 


About Kenny Kolter 

Kenny has facilitated in excess of 2,600 Sound Therapy and drum circle workshops throughout the country over the last 12 years.  Kenny incorporates the use of gongs, drums, rattles, Tibetan bowls, chimes and various other instruments to widespread critical acclaim. His unique work is focused on providing participants a chance to escape the daily grind; meditate/pray, simply rest or go within.

He is one of only a handful of sound therapists worldwide to play the gong in a therapeutic environment for patients in a clinical setting. He received two consecutive contracts with the state of Illinois to provide sound/vibrational awareness sessions on a weekly basis at the state of Illinois’ largest mental health facility in Elgin, IL. Kenny has a six year relationship with Cancer Treatment Centers of America and has played at numerous cancer care & hospice facilities as well as outpatient behavioral health centers, universities and even a federal prison. Kenny has hosted retreats both nationally and internationally in places like Costa Rica and Peru.

He has been featured in The Dallas Morning News, Natural Awakenings - Dallas magazine, Chicago area magazine Conscious Choice, National Public Radio and also on WFAA-TV's Wellness Wednesday segment. 

Interviews, press etc. 

DATE: March 29 , Sunday 

TIME: 4:30 - 5:30PM


PRICE : $20 / person or $35/couple


QUESTIONS : | 804 502 0360

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Email or Call to Register

$20 per person

$35 per couple

804.502.0360 |

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