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"When your senses are engaged in goodness, then you will create light and fragrance."
- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

  • Rudraksha and clear quartz beads
  • 4 Mukhi (faceted) big rudraksha guru bead
  • Hangs at approximately 16" and is strung on cotton cord
  • May be worn as a necklace or multi-wrap bracelet
  • Hand-made in India
  • Suggested Mantra - "OM NAMHA SHIVAYA"

Beauty within Mala

  • How to Care for your Mala

    With regular everyday use you may find you want to clean or cleanse your Malas on occasion.


    Rudraksha Malas can be gently cleaned using warm water and mild eco-friendly soap, once in every few months.


    The Rudraksha seeds will darken over time with the oils from your skin, this enhances the benefits found in the seeds and also strengthens them. You can oil them on occasion with a coconut or sandalwood oil, this will also ensure they do not dry out over their lifetime.


    Over time the tassels can begin to show wear. You can dip these in warm water with a mild eco-friendly soap, you can comb the strands and hang or lay flat to dry overnight. You can even trim the ends if needed to give your Mala a lovely tidy-up.

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