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New Year. New Beginning. 2014

New Year brings hope, excitement, enthusiasm, and energy to do something good. Good for the body, mind, and spirit. Generally we set small yet challenging goals for ourselves to improve some aspect of our lives. It is interesting to observe how my energy moves and shifts during the whole process of setting goals, challenging myself a little, then working toward those goals, finally seeing what happens at the end. Here are some of my observations about my journey of goal setting and attaining :

a. Close to the end of a year, month, week, day I get a surge of energy that interests me to do, to change, or to instill something new within my system. I sit down to list everything down (paper and a pen still works best for me.)

b. Usually, it is a long list. Starting with bigger and immediate things to be done, to small mundane goals to be achieved. For example, I have " to practice quiet everyday, at least once, when in a difficult situation with someone," to " fill up kids water bottle in the night for next day morning."

c. Then I segregate these goals under different catagories - Timeline - to be done daily, weekly, or monthly, Type of work - Design, Yoga and Wellness, kids, Health etc

d. Now, some of these goals come into play immediately without any delay. Last year I decided to not eat sugar till my birthday, which came to me easily and I was able to achieve that goal. Some goals on the other hand, though simpler, simply takes much more effort, finally getting lost somewhere in the middle - like my goal to read news everyday. I cannot get myself to read news everyday. I feel it is the same news everyday, everywhere, but still need to know about whats happening around, so there is a constant struggle.

e. Some goals are temporary, while some are life long goals, like eating healthy. Life long goals are harder to keep, I need to add variety to those. Eat three to four fruits everyday in summer, or detox twice this year.

f. Still so many of those past goals have been haunting me for years, only I don't get haunted by them anymore. I keep putting those as my new goals each time I prepare one of my lists and start working toward them.

Bottom line is that my mind works well with setting goals and then trying to achieve those goals. Only now I see it as an interesting and mysterious journey of my own thoughts and mind, and I keep reminding myself of the ultimate goal - of being Happy, while I keep my mind occupied in achieving these small goals along the way.


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