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Spring Cleanse - Two weeks Yoga Challenge ( via Zoom online sessions)
March 16 - 27, M-F each week

Participate in yoga and diet cleanse program.

April 6 - 17, Monday to Friday

All weekdays sharp 7:00 - 7:45AM 


1) Committment - give yourself a gift of daily practice, come what may

2) Diet cleanse plan - No sugar and no processed food for these two weeks

3) Daily Yoga and pranayam practice


What to expect at the end of the two weeks?

After the challenge and diet cleanse, you should feel more energetic, more flexible, and more focussed. Give yourself an opportunity to add a few elements of our practice into your daily routine. 

Email or Call to Resgister

$110 per person

804.502.0360 |

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