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Ayurveda Series with Tila Foss
March 25 and April 8, Sundays, 2-3:30P


Session 1 - March 25

What is Ayurveda?

How do we get out of whack?

Ayurveda Foundation Rules

What should we be doing in this season?

Question and Answers

Session 2 - April 8

Principles of Ayurveda Eating

Dinacharya (daily routine)

Question and Answers

About Tila Foss


Tila Foss discovered Ayurveda when going through health-related issues of her own. Initially, her vegetarian, raw diet and hot-yoga regimen had been successful in losing weight and feeling great. But after a few years she was experiencing high-bouts of anxiety, abnormally cracked, dry skin, and then strangely suffered a severe ear infection and lower-back spasms in the same year. How was this possible for a healthy person (according to typical blood tests)?


Amazingly, Ayurveda was able to explain all of this and Tila discovered her passion. She since has left her chemical engineering job in the semiconductor industry and received her Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant Certfication from the American Institute of Ayurveda which included studying hands-on in Kerala, India, and she also received her Marma certification from Sri Sri Ayurveda. 


She now recognizes the signals her own, unique body is giving her all the time and is able to intervene to prevent ailments before they become an issue. 

804.502.0360 |

Email or Call to Resgister

$25 per session 

$40 for both

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